Architectural Metal Works

The Architectural Metal Works Singular Systems allow the development of every type of interior and exterior special works, to conform the fanciest designs thanks to the CAD CAM and SOLID WORKS technologies and thanks to our strict quality control. Our experience goes from small exclusive projects to high volume projects giving a uniform design that involves as the metal architectural elements as the automatic and manual door systems identifying homogeneous materials and surface finishes within the metal works.

  • Many ideas, one supplier.
  • Long-term life and exclusive designs.
  • Great production capacity and compromise on deliveries.
  • Manufacturing of every material and surface finish of Brindavan: stainless steel, aluminium, bronze, cupper and brass.
  • Pre-assembled elements to facilitate their installation.
  • More than 40 years of customized design experience.
  • Uniform material and surface finishes for all the metal works of a project.

  • APPLICATIONS:- Airports' metro interconnections, Steps and corridors, Conference Centres, Trade Centres, Museums, Exterior ambient, Halls, Transport buildings, Hospitals etc.