"Take A Step"

Brindavan sees stairs as a piece of furniture, a representative sculpture and a work of art for a building. The stairs should be inviting, attractive and inspiring! This philosophy means that each design is specially planned for the needs and situation of the customer and produced as a unique.
Exclusive custom design stairs, European quality and craftsmanship, and excellence are the trademarks of Brindavan stairs. With advances in structural glass stairs, we are leading the way in modern staircase design and fabrication. Precision engineering and various other materials such as wood, steel, stone and concrete are also used alone or in combination to meet your custom needs.

  • European Imported
  • Completely Custom made.
  • Available in different materials like- Wood, Glass, Concrete, Steel, Stone etc.
  • Maintenance free.

  • APPLICATIONS:- Residential, Corporate Sectors, Hotels, Restaurants, Hospitals, Airports, Metro Stations, Shopping Malls, Education Centers etc.