Stainless Steel Hardware & Accessories

Door Handles, Gift For Corporates & Handicraft
All products in this range are manufactured and refined by handcraft. In this way we are able to create exclusive products, offering you a personal pleasure, or for a present to special friends or business partners. If we are talking about a sideboard with integrated fire hearth, an elegant table, or our shapely key ring pendant with Swarovski crystals – the uniqueness of each product is guaranteed. At our Source, the skilled hands of highly specialised artisans give every piece of stainless steel hardware the finishing touch. Based on the creative ideas of our engineering department, state-of-the art machinery and the most innovative CNC-technology are used for the ground work. But it is only under the hands of our carefully selected craftsmen that the stainless steel attains its exclusive aura and accomplishes its transformation from functional element to architectural highlight.

APPLICATIONS:- Banks, Airports, Shopping Malls, Exhibition Rooms, Galleries, Museums, Conference and Meeting Rooms, Restaurants and Coffee Shops, Residential Sectors, Corporate Sectors etc. etc.