Shower Systems & Toilet Cubicles

Are you looking for something special? You might be interested in our shower systems!
These shower systems includes the maximum in quality with the maximum of material adaption – without being bulky. Our shower system is made of solid (!) stainless steel door frame, refining every bathroom. Apart from this, the door hinges, door handles or flush pulls are all cut out of full material. This manufacturing process is realized by the most modern CNC machines with following manual work. All accessories are available with brushed, partly polished or completely polished surfaces. 100% "Made in Germany”

  • An extraordinary, stylish and functional innovation in the shower systems segment
  • Smooth and noble design
  • Minimum clearances required for hardware
  • High functionality hardware
  • Easy cleaning
  • Curved shapes are possible
  • Free standing constructions possible

  • APPLICATIONS:- Residential, Hotels, Spas, Gymnasium, Hospitals, Sport Centre, etc.