"Is Everybody In ??"

The sliding doors, Manual & Automatic System, is formed by different profiles models, fixed side panes, upper panes and operator with several levels of safety for the end user. They are designed in single or double sliding version either simple or telescopic. The system can be manufactured to satisfy the most demanding installation requirements in terms of energy control, functionality, evacuation, safety and total solutions.

  • Available in straight & curved shape.
  • They are suitable areas more reduced than revolving doors.
  • They act as efficient windbreaks when installed with fixed side panes.
  • Possibility to acquire the glass locally.
  • Wide offer of materials and surface finishes & colors.
  • Standard and customized dimensions.
  • Profiles with bevelled edges.
  • Leaves with EPDM sealing gaskets.
  • Antipanic system for evacuation area.
  • Possibility of control access systems

  • APPLICATIONS:- Trade centres, Hospitals, Museums, Transport Stations, Small and medium shops, Administration buildings, Bus stations, Train stations, Metro stations, Airports, Conference centres, Auditoriums, Car dealers, Shopping Malls, Exhibition centres, Hotels etc.