Glazed Partition Systems

Movable Glazed Partition is the Multifaçade door system and it is developed on a basis of fixed and swing modules that can be piled up within a side parking through a simple and comfortable manual performance. The manual sliding is soft with no need of floor rails, even when if it additionally incorporates pivoting doors. The fixation of the modules to the floor is carried out through bolts or mechanical lock for the swing door. They are the best solution for interior designs at shopping malls, banks, conferences rooms or restaurants. Basically, it is the perfect door system for buildings with divisions

  • They allow for the authorised passage of people through an integrated pivoting door.
  • Comfortable Passage: They can be certainly designed for wheelchairs, trolleys, etc.
  • Functional and easy use or installation.
  • Wide variety of forms and customized designs
  • Configuration through independent panels to facilitate their installation and maintenance
  • Possibility to module the upper rail for adaptation to straight, circular, polygonal, angular and ellipsoidal Multifaçades.
  • Additional parking for module piling up on both sides of the Multifaçade.

  • APPLICATIONS:- Banks, Airports, Shopping Malls, Exhibition Rooms , Galleries, Museums, Conference and Meeting Rooms, Restaurants and Coffee Shops etc.